Thursday, February 12, 2009

Code Practice CDs

One of my favorite hams is K7QO. He loves to write and produce instructional programs of various types dealing with electronics, building and such. But he has also created an audio program he calls the K7QO Morse Code Course. He is an advocate of learning by doing, so the course takes you through hours of morse code practice. He starts at slow speed, with easy letters, and works up to increasingly difficult word groups and symbols. It is a very good course and is widely used. It can be downloaded free at

I have downloaded the MP3 version and have put it on a CD. Using MP3s, the entire course can fit on one CD. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE A COPY, drop me an email, or catch me on the repeater, and I'll mail you one or bring it to the next Breakfast. K7QO encourages giving these away. So if you've been frustrated with traditional code practice techniques, but would like to get in on the fun of CW, give this a try. You can't beat FREE!

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