Friday, August 28, 2009

Microphone Cable Information

Here is a very good site that Earl(WB5UUW) talked about on the YAH Net on Friday.
I hope you find it useful.


Food For Thought

Here is a link to a list of tools for checking your thoughts.
One of the things that we do on Ham Radio is to compare ideas that might make the load a little lighter for others. This is for discussion guaranteed proof of outcomes is included. I have used the list as a listening tool.

If you like it, let me know.

Monday, August 24, 2009

HI HI ......(How High is your IQ ?)

Dear Stan,
How high does my IQ need to be to fit in with this group of Ham Radio folks?

Dear Confused,
Don't worry about it.

Look at this...folks that study IQ are becoming confused.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hams, Astronomy, Youtube and Facebook

While Ham might be considered to be best served with a pineapple glaze (I see that in pictures, I prefer mustard myself) I think ham radio is best served with a side or what ever else you like to do.

I've heard of
a) Hams and eggs
b) Hams and camping
c) Hams and balloons
but here is a new one:
d) Hams and Astronomy

Along these lines: A good video of one ham's telescopes and his radios. follows below:

Oh, yeah: For finding and keeping up with Hams, consider Facebook.
You can be my friend. So are a lot of other like-minded folks.
I think putting stuff on Facebook is a way to stay better organized than just emailing links.


Friday, August 21, 2009

145.450 Repeater From Above - Matt(WX5LIB)

Thanks to Matt(WX5LIB) for this photo of the Lake Bixhoma Repeater Site.

next picture is a closer picture of the antenna farm, bottom one is looking south-east down the hill. You can see the pump station sticking out in the lake.


Suitsat 2

Coming (not so) soon on 2m FM, VHF / UHF SSB and SSTV.

There is still time...

There is still time to get those 10m / 6m / 2m SSB DX stations up and going.

Sunspot peak might not be until 2014. And to think my favorite contacts were made by balloon-borne 6m end-fed Zepp for 6m. Double hop Sporadic-E from Tulsa to Arizona for what seemed like hours. That was at a Field Day with TRO at Whitesides Park. 2001 maybe. N5TEX helped us with the balloon logistics. Looking forward to those days again.


source reference:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Broken Arrow Repeater in Bixby

Dog Gone!

Fourteen years ago my dog "Ollie" ran away from home. After about 12 years I had begin to give up hope that he would return anytime soon. Now it has been 16 years. He would be about 127 in dog years. I suspect that he is a slow mover and might be easier to catch.

If you find Ollie please call KE5Lep on 146.910 PL 88.5 for your $2.50 reward.

I would give more but ... he really wasn't a great dog. If he has gone on to his reward I don't expect that it was much of a reward.

Shirley(KE5PAQ) had some luck getting him back home by walking around the block with a piece of balogna.

Oh My!

I have a Police Photo of Ollie that might help in this last ditch effort. If this doesn't work then "Fine Business",Ollie. How's that working for you, Ollie?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stan's Birthday

click to enlarge
What's Up with this?
Well, I seems that the stations on 146.910 will celebrate events from time to time.
Sometimes it is a Brahms Ice cream run, sometimes it is a Fox Hunt Victory, and this time it was a birthday party at the Hide Away pizza place on Lynn Lane and 71st street.
Keep your radio on and your shoes beside the door. See you next time.
Thanks to one and all for attending ...If you missed it - we owe you one.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Story From World War II - Bob Mitchell

My good friend Bob Mitchell served as Radio Officer of a ship during World War II.

I have had the honor of spending some time with him recently.

Here is a story that he told me. I found it recently on the internet. It matches exactly the way he told it to me.

Here is history.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HF Antenna Tom (KE5NCP)


bottom antenna is a Tennadyne T6 for HF

next one up is a Cushcraft 26B2 for 2 meter FM/ stacked 13B2's

next one up is a Cushcraft 13B2 on Horz for 2 meter SSB

And at the top is a Tram 1481 for 2 meter/70 centemeter

hope this helps!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

DX Sherlock

Hey guys.

Check out this DX-Sherlock web-based propagation tool.

Click for North America.

Click your band. (example: 10m)

Take a look at QSOs recently reported. If you talk to someone, post using the form below.


(Jimmy KD5ZVE, told me about this.)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

2m SSB.

Well, it's been a few days now, how did folks like Jimmy's (KD5ZVE) presentation on 2m SSB ?

Anyone interested in SSB operation on these shorter wavelengths ? I think it might be a reliable way to talk simplex across town or into other regions like Springfield, Dallas, Kansas City, etc.... Seems like that isn't always possible on 10m. And you have to resort to NVIS antennas to do the same on 80m or you'll skip over your target, right ? I'm thinking that unless you're working real DX with Tropo or sporadic-E, 2m is a little more stable than HF for everyday, local use.

Anyway, let's see if we can schedule QSOs. 144.200 is calling and 144.220 and 144.250 hold the nets as I recall. I talked with Gerry tonight, and I think he is going to bring a pair of halos online soon. ( I originally bought them from Howard, WB5JIO, Downtown Tulsa, SK)

Both Howard (years ago) and Jimmy (on Monday) mentioned 200 mi. QSOs between cars @ 100 W going to hamfests on 2m SSB using the Halo antennas. These aren't big antennas. I'm sure there is a way to hide them in a neighborhood. Seems like a halo or Big Wheel (3 halos spread like a sunflower) would be the start (the perch part) of a fake bird-feeder. ;)

I ran a 2m and 440 Mhz SSB setup once for experimentation with the FO-20 Satellite five or six years ago. Made 1 contact to Tennessee and decided if I was going to get serious, I'd have to get computer assisted tuning (doppler correction) and computer assisted Yagis. But, I fell behind in the latest-greatest computers, never got my antenna tower and fell in love, oh well. I'll have time someday. Provided the kids don't break the bank. But, that exercise did give me the opportunity to talk on my 3-ele. Arrow Antenna yagi "horizontally" and use a 440 Mhz halo for receive.

But like Jimmy said, if you can get a Big Wheel or something up 15 to 30 ' that would get ya started. Maybe I'll have to give it another shot. Who's with me ??

Stay tuned Monday Night Net for more details.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Future of Ham Radio (where do you want to go) ?

Okay, Wade KF5IF brought up some good points last night at the Broken Arrow Amateur Radio Club. And while I probably made my usual sarcastic commentary along with them (sorry Don and Kat) , I did take them to heart.

They'll take years to implement. I think I could do some of the training of new and existing hams. After all, I've been exploring this great hobby for almost a decade.

Which leads me to my point of this post. Where area we going ? What do we want to do ? Pick a couple and leave some comments. Would you like to see most importantly:

A) Distance you can communicate increase while holding costs constant or falling.

B) Size of equipment continue to decline while holding costs constant of falling.

C) Bandwidth available to the user increase. (ex: data, video, file transfer)

D) Decreasing size of equipment.

E) Increased simplicity (home-brew ? ) of equipment.

F) Interoperability with consumer electronics (ex: USB ports, etc.)

G) Interoperability with commercial equipment (ex: APCO P25 codecs)

H) Off-grid capability.

There, eight plates of food for thought ! Lemme know and I'll write something up.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Field Day 2009

Thanks to my friend Eli(W5PPD) for sending these photos of the 2009 Field Day.
Enjoy them.

click to enlarge

Thanks Eli