Friday, February 13, 2009

Broken Arrow Club History

Earl(WB5UUW) has located and now shares this historic document.

"A BAARC club roster from 1979. I think this was about a year after the club was formed."

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KD5NJR said...


So if we were going to start a "time line" of important moments in the club, it would start with the club founding. When was that ? Who was "in on it" in the beginnings ?

KE5JVM said...

Hey that was the year I was born. The only person I can identify on there is Jim K5LAD who now lives in Owasso. Cool!

Jim - K5LAD said...

Hey, interesting to see the comments on the BAARC. The club was formed while I owned Derrick Electronics which was at 714 W. Kenosha (drawn from a waining memory). I provided the location for the club to meet there in the store. I seldom got to sit in on the meetings but I was there in the back room working and could hear the activities.
It was a good club and had some good folks in the membership. I think I even still have my name tag that we all got with the club names on it. If it would be a good addition to the club archives (and if I can find it) I'd be glad to donate it to the group.

Jim - K5LAD

ke5omv said...

Wow....that Guy Shipley fella must be real O L D!