Friday, March 13, 2009

Hamfest Day 1

Saw a lot of good friends and tons of old junk at Hamfest this afternoon.

Leave a reply if you saw or brought something that you thought was particularly interesting.

So far, I picked up a Comet SMA24 whip antenna for HTs. Hoping to pick up the repeater better on my walks. Pack tomorrow for more trash and treasures.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poster for Green Country Hamfest


Tiffany made us a tri-fold poster to use at the Hamfest. Has the club name, meetings, nets, other pertinent information, etc. Should complement the banner. We can put it next, above, whatever.

If you have some photos of recent (or not) BAARC activities, please bring them and a bit of scotch tape. If we have too many photos, we can set them along the edge of the table.

I was going to print up some flyers to give away, but I'm running out of steam for this evening. If someone wants to run some off, that would be a great way to keep things fresh in one's memory after the hustle and bustle of Hamfest is gone.

See everyone tomorrow afternoon / evening, Saturday, etc.

Thanks, Scott

proposed text for flyers I didn't finish...



Club Meetings are the first Monday of the Month.
7 pm at the Community Center. 1500 S. Main in Broken Arrow.

The Saturday Morning Breakfast is held first Saturday morning of the Month.
8 am at the Golden Corral.
71st & Mingo in Tulsa.

FOXHUNTS are back!
About monthly. Saturday mornings. Details on nets.

Field Day. 4th full weekend in June.


MON: 146.910 MHz (-) 88.5 PL
8 pm. Info, Swap, Trade

WED: 146.910 MHz (-) 88.5 PL
7 pm. Youth at Heart*

FRI: 146.910 MHz (-) 88.5 PL
7 pm. Youth at Heart*

SAT: 28.355 MHz SSB simplex
7 pm. (Techs & Generals)

Also: Tulsa Tech Net

* for ages 8 to 80.


TIGER HILL 71st & Lynn Lane
146.910 MHz (- .6 MHz) 88.5 PL

TIGER HILL 71st & Lynn Lane
444.000 MHz (+5 MHz) 88.5 PL

Leonard Mountain
145.450 MHz (- .6 MHz)

Leonard Mountain
443.600 MHz (+5 MHz)

See website for repeater status

Simplex NET on 146.550

Everyone is invited to join the fun on the Simplex Net

Go to 146.55o 2M FM Saturday Night at 9:00 PM

The net doing great!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HDTV Antenna

Here is a technical link from Butch(KD5RSS)

It might be helpful for your TV.

Monday, March 2, 2009

General Class CW Transmitter

click to enlarge

Visit this web site