Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Saturday Night 10m Net - Updated


The new frequency for the 10M NET is 28.355 USB
This move was required to avoid a high pitched squeal
Contact Ray(KC5WSI) if you have any questions.

It didn't take a lot of work to make it happen, but I was able to check into KC5WSI's 10m net this past Saturday night at 7p. It was on 28.350 MHz USB.

I had a Hamstick vertical antenna on the top of the truck. I drove it with an ICOM 706MKIIg. I suspect about any HF rig would do as I was running only 30 or 40 Watts (until I get my SWR on the antenna a little better.)

The net attracted mostly local folks (Tulsa, Waggoner, Creek, Rogers counties.) But I think there is the potential for other states to roll in.

I'd encourage all the Techs, Generals and Extras to give this activity a shot.

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