Sunday, December 7, 2008

Digital BPSK-31 from California

One of my recent projects was to hook up my radio to the computer and learn about PSK31 digital transmission.

I hooked up the "CAT" interface first. This is the interface that allows the computer keyboard to control the radio.

Then the Audio interface to my soundcard. This interface allowed the computer program to decode the characters as they were recieved by the radio. I used Ham Radio Deluxe / DM780 for this function.

Here is the recorded QSO:

10:50:58 AM> Main
W6VZV de KE5LEP KE5LEP pse kn
Roger(W6VZV) - In California


Hi OM ... thank you for the shout!
Ur sig: 559 559
Info: Name is Roger ... Name is Roger ... QTH is Huntington Beach, CA ... QTH Huntington Beach, CA which is Surf City USA
Grid DMØ3xq [269.3° 1,270.6mi] DMØ3xq [269.3° 1,270.6mi]

===> BTU KE5LEP de W6VZV pse kn

10:52:31 AM> Main

Hi Roger ,
Report : 599 599
Name : Stan Stan qth Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Broken Arrow, Oklahoma loc EM25cx EM25cx

BTU Roger J Buffington, W6VZV de KE5LEP pse kn

KE5LEP KE5LEP de W6VZV W6VZV ...FB Stan and solid copy even if the sigs are not moving the meter much. Here the Wx is light rain. We are getting our first real Autumn rainfall, although just a very light d=nizzle, almost a mist. Still good for the plants though. I see that we are on our third day of having a Cycle 24 sunspot group, so maybe there is hope for Cycle 24 after all.
==> BTU KE5LEP de W6VZV k ntn
10:55:15 AM> Main
No rain here, sunny. I hope you have a nice day. kn

oteEtteeKE5LEP KE5LEP de W6VZV W6VZV ...OK 73 Stan and thanks for the FB contact... Good DX and catch you later! KE5LEP (Auto-eQSL) de W6VZV SK
10:56:21 AM> Main
W6VZV de KE5LEP 73 Roger J Buffington and thanks for PSK31 QSO 2 on 2Øm.
W6VZV de KE5LEP sk

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KD5NJR said...

That is super cool Stan. Thanks for sharing "how you did it" with the rest of us by posting the transcript.

I hear that PSK-31 is more efficient in terms of miles / watts than even CW.

What power levels have you used PSK-31 with yet ? What antenna are you using ?

Scott / KD5NJR